Giclee Prints

This is no ordinary print.

While anyone can call their ink-jet print “giclee”, my giclee printer, Hunter Editions, is one of the leading giclee producers in the world. My prints are limited-edition and museum-quality canvases which I personally approve, sign, and number.

Most people cannot tell the difference. I painted them, and the only way I can tell is to feel the actual texture of the paint!

“Light Dance” original
“Light Dance” original

12” x 16” oil on canvas

“Light Dance” giclee
“Light Dance” giclee

12” x 16” oil on canvas

Giclee Explained

So what is a giclee anyway?

A “giclee” (a French word pronounced gee-clay) represents the latest technology in art reproduction, and stands for a special high resolution digital capture and printing of a painting on paper or canvas on demand to a custom size.

Who does it?

We use Hunter Editions in Kennebunk, Maine because they are a world-class printer that specializes in this process. They do work for many famous artists including Andrew Wyeth, Ed Hall and the American Watercolor Association.

What is the process?


STEP 1: Digital Capture. The original oil is first photographed with a Tarsia 4X5 camera using Rodenstock Optics to capture up to a 389 megabyte RGB image. Color corrected tungsten lighting is important to get the right color balance.


STEP 2: Color Profiling. Each computer file is then profiled using Hunter’s in-house system to ensure the highest color and value rendition.


STEP 3: Color Proof. In this case, a color proof is printed so the artist can make any corrections and approve them. The original is compared to the proof under the same color-controlled lighting to ensure it matches. “Hunter’s process is so accurate that I have only had to correct 3 out of 300 proofs they have done for me. And I’m fussy. That’s how good they are,” says artist Chip Evans.


STEP 4: Printing. The corrected file is then printed on a large, ink jet Roland Press capable of printing canvas and paper prints up to 5 feet high. Special archival Pigmented Aqueous inks are used so the prints are guaranteed to last over 100 years under normal gallery lighting and temperature conditions. (Do not put them near a propane stove because gas yellows the finish used to seal the prints; please see care and handling suggestions.)

You have to see a giclee to believe it.

That’s Why I Offer 50% Off to Get a Sample.

Receive a gold-framed 8” x 10” giclee print on canvas of my most popular giclee, “Fall Tree” – ready to hang. For this series, I have not signed and numbered the print.


How it Works:

  • SAVE 50%: The framed print is usually $450 in the gallery. But for this unsigned and unlimited run, we’ve reduce the price: just $225 plus $25 shipping and handling.
  • FREE: When you buy another medium-size giclee (20” x 30” or larger) with this offer, Chip & Opal will credit your order $250.
  • MONEY BACK: If you don’t want the sample, return it within 30 days in good condition and we will promptly send you a refund.
    It’s that simple. You’ve got nothing to lose.


  1. Each giclee is signed and numbered by the artist.
  2. They’re custom-sized to fit your space.
  3. 30-day return for immediate refund.
  4. Phone number to talk to a real person: +1 (802) 457-4956 (Gallery On The Green, Woodstock, VT)
  5. Thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of repeat customers.
  6. Limited edition of 500 per image.
  7. Guaranteed for 100 years by the printer, Hunter Editions; Kennebunk, Maine.
  8. Satisfaction guaranteed by Gallery On The Green, Woodstock VT.
  9. Free shipping in the continental U.S.

A giclee print is a work of art in its own right, at a price point that brings fine art within reach. Where could one of my giclee prints enrich your life?