My Videos

Informational Videos

Take a look into my studio and learn more about me, my process, and how I think about my paintings.

Painting the Light [Demo]

Painting the Light [Interview]

The Story of the Painting "Candle's Glow"

Reflective Videos

My work is grounded in a sense of place and the beauty of New England’s natural landscape. It is often cause for pause, an opportunity to take in one’s surroundings and reflect.

In the Stress of Today's Life

Inspirational Moments

Check out my first video, “Inspirational Moments.” It features five of my most inspirational paintings to an uplifting piece of music called “Winds of Hope.” We love to watch this one before we go to bed. Hope you enjoy it and let us know how you use it.

Monhegan Moments

Here’s a two-minute video showing five of my oil paintings of Monhegan Island, off the coast of Maine.

Winds of Hope

Escape to the Country

Painting the Quiet Beauty of New England

Let Chip’s Work Bring Light Into Your Life