Chip Evans

Contemporary Realist

For the past ten years, I have been the lead artist at Gallery On The Green in Woodstock, Vermont, one of the oldest and most prestigious galleries in New England. I create about 50 original oil paintings each year, selling them world-wide.

Early Years

At the age of 10, my grandfather sat me on his knee, handed me $5 for a crayon drawing, and said, “Someday, you are going to be a famous artist.”
Did he see something? Maybe.
Did I believe him. Yes!
That crucial moment meant that every time I went to an art class, I thought I was an artist – so I paid attention!


I started at Carnegie Mellon camps with other kids in the Pittsburgh area. Later, at Mercersburg Academy, I learned to paint oils after school from – of all people – my math teacher, Joe Adams.
After high school, at Washington & Jefferson College, I had more art courses, but majored in English, and moved on to receive a very practical MBA from Harvard University

Renaissance Person

I have painted – and taught painting – for 50 years. My friends say I am a true renaissance person, with my love of art, combined with the MBA. Before making art my career, I specialized in creative management in advertising, and in consulting on branding. Along the way, I also wrote a book called The Branding Idea, putting forth brand new ways to run companies.

Oil Painter and Gallery Manager

Twenty years ago, I asked for a sign: art or business.
In the next two weeks, I sold 22 paintings.
Taking that as a pretty good sign, I hung my shingle next door to the Gallery On The Green. I sold 50 paintings in the first year…enough to buy the Gallery and move in. Nowadays, I paint full-time and manage the Gallery with my wife, Opal, and our golden retriever, Bear.

Art for All

Over the last 10 years, in an effort to make my work more accessible to more people, I’ve begun to make available limited-edition giclee prints of my work. I love giclees because they are such good reproductions at such a good price.

Since people enjoy seeing me paint and having the opportunity to interact and ask questions, I paint right inside the Gallery. When I’m not at the Gallery On The Green, or out looking for beautiful new subjects for my work, my favorite place to be is Monhegan Island, Maine.

Samples of my Work