It’s All About the Light

It’s the light that makes my work

unique. It helps people feel what I felt
in that moment when I was painting.

Chip Evans

Contemporary Realist

Let me bring you the Light

If I capture the light on canvas, it makes you want to be there.

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It’s All About the Light

unique. It helps people feel
what I felt in that moment
when I was painting.

Chip Evans

Contemporary Realist

Let me bring you the Light

It’s all about the light. If I capture the light on the canvas,
then you will feel what I felt. It’s that easy. And that hard.

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Finding The Perfect Print

As Easy As 1, 2, 3.

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I’ve painted and taught painting for 50 years. Twenty years ago, I asked for a sign – what should I do: art or business. Over the next 2 weeks, I sold 22 paintings. Each of my paintings is like a window in time, transporting you to a place that transcends the demands and chaos of everyday life.

I hope I can share my work with you, inspire you to dream, and renew your spirit.

Giclees: More Fine Art Prints for All

Over the past 10 years, in an effort to make my over 300 original oil paintings more accessible to more people, I have begun to make the work available as limited edition giclee prints on canvas.

“Limited Edition” means I sign and number each print, insuring its quality and making it more valuable. Only 500 are made. It also makes them more special and personal.

Giclees (prounounced “G-clays”) printed on canvas are so good, most people cannot tell the difference between the original oil painting and the giclee fine art print.

This means you can enjoy my work custom-sized for your space for as little as $250 vs. $2800 for an original oil painting…allowing you to afford more art!

  • We have collected ten Evans' giclees over time. Love them all. What a talent!

    Tony & Maureen
  • I owned a giclee of Chip’s Amethyst Mist for a year and loved it so much I traded it in on the original. Giclees are a great way to “test drive” an artist’s work.
    Looks fabulous!

  • We own several originals and a few giclees. We mix them together.
    Most people can’t tell the difference.

    Jason & Jessica
  • I used framed prints of Chip's “Coniston’s Boathouse” painting to help raise a half million dollars for our YMCA Camp to buy our lakefront.

  • I referred a customer who bought a print for $1,000. He saved 8% and I got a matching credit of $80 off my next print which was $200. That’s a big saving!

  • We have collected several of Chip’s originals and several prints. Prints are great for gifts, too.

    Bev & Jack
  • We bought a collection of Chip’s giclees for use throughout our facility.
    Our patrons love his work.

    Sue Counseling Center Facilities Director, Manchester, New Hampshire

Bring the Light into Your Home

A Giclée is the perfect way to take home the next best thing to the original oil painting

Latest Blog Postings

  • I love Chip’s work and getting a 10% collectors discount after I bought my first print.

  • The 50% off sample offer convinced me, so I bought my first print and was refunded the other 50% of the sample price. I actually got the sample free!

  • I sent My Favorites portfolio to my family and Santa gave me my favorite print for Christmas.

  • Selecting art from your site with the My Favorites portfolio helps a lot.

    Kip and Sheila
  • Being able to see Chip’s art on my wall on my phone...amazing!


The Radiance of New England

In your home. Beautifully and affordably.